Studies Examining Language Recovery in Stroke-Induced Aphasia

Studies Examining Language Recovery in Stroke-Induced Aphasia


We study how language recovers in people with stroke-induced aphasia, charting changes in verb and sentence processing over time under treatment versus no-treatment conditions. People with aphasia are trained to produce and understand selected sentence structures and generalization to other linguistically related structures is examined. Neurocognitive correlates of recovery are charted over time. Supported by the NIH 4 R01 DC001948 and P50 DC012283.

  • Computerized treatment for sentence deficits. Based on the findings of our studies examining the effects of treatment for sentence comprehension and production, we develop and test computer automated systems for delivery of this treatment. Sentactics® is a recently developed computer-automated version of Treatment of Underlying Forms (TUF). An iPad version of Sentactics® is currently being developed.


Assessment and Treatment Tools 


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