China Collaboration

China Collaboration


Ralph and Jean Sundin professor Dr. Cynthia Thompson (CSD), together with members of the NIH-supported Center for the Neurobiology of Language Recovery (CNLR) and CSD clinical faculty member Aaron Wilkins visited Beijing, China in September 2016 to develop and implement a joint research project addressing language and brain recovery in Mandarin-speaking people with chronic aphasia. The project, focused on recovery of sentence processing in a tonal language, is the first of a series of joint research and clinical projects to be undertaken as part of the NU/BLCU Joint Centre of Aphasia at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) that will lead to improved outcomes for Chinese people with aphasia.



Pictured from left to right: Dr. Elena Barbieri (Post-doctoral Fellow, CNLR), Dr. Xue Wang (Research Assistant Professor, CNLR), Dr. Jennifer Mack (Research Assistant Professor, CNLR), Eduardo Europa (Doctoral Candidate, CNLR), Dr. Min Liao (Post-doctoral Fellow, CNLR), Aaron Wilkins (Clinical Faculty, NU), Prof. Dr. Cynthia Thompson (Director, CNLR), Dr. Mathew Walenski, Research Associate, CNLR), Yuming Li(李宇明), Secretary of the Party Committee, BLCU), Prof. Dr. Todd Parrish, Director, Center of Translational Imaging, CNLR), Prof. Dr. Liqun Gao (高立群), Dean, Allied Health School, BLCU),  Zengzhi Yu (于增志), Director Therapist, Rehabilitation Medical Center, People’s Liberation Army Hospital),  Dr. Li Guo (郭力), Director, International Education Center, BLCU), Qiushen Wang (王秋生), Deputy Director of Scientific Research, BLCU), Dr. Lingzhi Kong (孔令志), Faculty, Allied Health School, BLCU).



China Collaboration Trip, September 2016


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